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TPU PPF for Cars

Product Description TPU car wrapping film with high flexibility and tactility,will protect car paint surface with good weather resistance and good dimensional stability.No residue is left after being taken off.Using TPU Car wrapping film is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from road...


Product Description
TPU car wrapping film with high flexibility and tactility,will protect car paint surface with good weather resistance and good dimensional stability.No residue is left after being taken off.Using TPU Car wrapping film is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from road damages such as stone chips,debris,scratches etc. 

Product Advantage
TPU FILM is completely eco-friendly.TPU FILM without any air pollution when burned.Moreover, they can be decomposed by microorganism within 3 to 5 years when buried.
TPU FILM is the material which is high wear and tear resistance,excellent bending resistance,high strength,easy for vacuum forming and printing,easy for high frequency welding,waterproofing and breathable TPU FILM etc.
TPU FILM has passed the standard of SGS,CE,REACH,ASTM,ISO9001.

Product Ranges
TPU FILM is widely used for lamination,packing materials,no sew shoes material,shoes sole protector,clothing,handbag,umbrella,raincoat,bar strap,water walking ball,football,soccer ball, Medical instruments,automobiles,sport products,inflatable products and other durable material.

Product Parameters:




1.524m * 15m /Roll

Peel strength

1500 gf/inch



Surface contact angle






Outdoor weathering

No change

Total thickness


Usage thickness




Tensile property

15 Mpa



600 glossiness


SAE J400 gravel test

Not affected

Thermal aging test

Not affected

QUV accelerated aging test

Not affected

Boiling water soaking test

Not affected

Soapy water soaking test

Not affected

Acid solution soaking test

Not affected

Gasoline soaking test

Not affected

Diesel oil soaking test

Not affected

Engine oil soaking test

Not affected

Product Advantages:

1. Healing tiny rub:Healing rapidly when encountering with tiny rub or improper nursing

2. Covering micro-scratch:Covering the already existed micro-scratch on paint,and looking like the new

3. Promoting gloss:Selecting raw materials with high brightness and high definition,and promoting brightness and glossiness of paint

4. Isolating pollution:Not easy to adhere such dirt as acid rain,sand and guano,easy to be cleaned,not damaging the paint

5. Avoiding paint shedding:Protecting original car paint from being damaged and shedding after encountering with slight impact,and looking like new after tearing down the protection film

6. Avoiding color fading:Isolating ultraviolet ray in sunshine,and preventing paint from aging and color fading for long-term outdoor exposure

7. Value maintenance and worry-saving:Saving the expenses for several times of paint supplement and protection,preserving the original paint,and promoting the valuation at the time of resale.

We use the finest Paint Protection Film
The good news is that paint protection film would have protected that beautiful finish from these types of damage.While the film in general works on a simple premise of having an invisible barrier to protect your finish,the technology in your film is extraordinary.It is approximately 180μm thick and has an optical quality to it,so you don’t see any of the “orange peel” look that is so prevalent in most films.Our film also has a self-healing technology,so small imperfections that may appear over time will actually disappear.

Paint Protection Film Helps Keep Your Car Original
Our film also has zero UV protection.This is extremely important,as you want all of the paint on your vehicle to age the same way.If our film had UV protection and you took it off several years later,the paint that was under our film would not match the rest of the vehicle.
You also gain the peace of mind of keeping the integrity of your original paint intact,eliminating the need to have parts of your vehicle repainted over time.Vehicle manufacturers spend millions of dollars on developing their painting systems and,to be blunt,they are better all the time,so keeping the original paint on your vehicle will make it look better and last longer.

Protect Your Second-Biggest Purchase
It has been said that a new vehicle purchase is likely the second-biggest purchase you are going to make,so protecting the value of it only makes sense.A vehicle with Deer Hunter paint protection film will be worth more money when it is time to sell the vehicle,and it will sell faster since it will look better.
Finally,you may be asking yourself,”Where are the best places to install this film?”Great question.The obvious spots are the front end of the vehicle,including the bumper,hood,front fenders and side view mirrors.Other popular spots are any high-wear area,such as the door handle pockets,edges of the doors and the rear bumper near the trunk opening.



Q:What areas are typically covered with Paint Protection Film?
A:The most common areas to cover with Paint Protection Film are the leading edges and high impact areas such as your hood,fenders,mirrors and front bumper.Other leading edges that can be covered are door edges,door cups,rocker panels,windshield pillars,roofs,rear bumpers,mouldings and even head lights and fog lights.

Q:Can the film removed?
A:Yes,it can be removed easily and without any damage to your underlying paint.Cured film is best to be removed with a little heat.Either by leaving your car sit in the sun for a few hours or by heating the film up will make the job easier.

Q:Will my paint fade underneath the film?
A:No,the film and clear coat layers contain UV protection which prevents the plastic from reacting to the suns rays from reaching your paint so the paint will fade evenly just like the unprotected areas of your car.

Q:Can I see the film after it is installed?
A:The film is 99.5% clear.From six to eight feet back the film becomes invisible.

Q:How long will the film last?
A:Our product has a five year warranty,although the film has a lifespan of 10 years.

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