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TPU Invisible Car Cover Film

Products Description: OCS TPU Paint Protection Film is also known as “Clear Bra” or Invisible Car Cover,which is a transparent protection film pasted on surface of car body.It not only possesses toughness and micro-scratch self-healing functions,but also can insulate paint from air,avoid...


Products Description:
OCS TPU Paint Protection Film is also known as “Clear Bra” or Invisible Car Cover,which is a transparent protection film pasted on surface of car body.It not only possesses toughness and micro-scratch self-healing functions,but also can insulate paint from air,avoid rust,aging and yellow,and enhance gloss of paint.After tearing down invisible car cover,original paint shall not be damaged,no gum shall be reserved,and paint shall be as bright as the new.


What is the invisible car clothing/car body transparent paint protection film?
Invisible car closing is a transparent protective film covering the car body paint,generally know as:body transparent film,car rhino shin,paint protective film and so on,the material of the product is a polyurethane film,with anti-UV Polymer,anti-yellowing,with superior toughness,
Resistance of anti-yellowing,easy to stick towels,anti-collision,can make car paint isolated from the air after the pasting,anti-acid rain,anti-oxidation,anti-scratching,protect the car’s paint more durable.

Why to make invisible car clothing/body transparent paint protection film?
Car paint exposed to the sun and rain,as well as the daily pollution from the environment,small pebble splash during the driving,all lead to the scars to the car paint,precious car paint will gradually gone,and transparent protective film with stealth features in the paint surface to form a tough and transparent protective layer,to prevent paint from damage,and always keep the original car paint glossy;In the traditional way of car maintenance,in order to maintain the body brightness,the owner would like to choose washing and waxing,they do not know that this approach is not sticky and also easy to get dusted which easily to scratch the paint,accelerated the oxidation and corrosion,making the rusted.At the same time,waxing can not effectively resist the ultraviolet rays,it is difficult to protect the paint,and using the method of polishing to remove the small scratches from the body will lead to the paint thinner and thinner,finally you have to repaint it,the car be in serious devaluation.

Product Parameters:




1.524m * 15m /Roll

Peel strength

1500 gf/inch



Surface contact angle






Outdoor weathering

No change

Total thickness


Usage thickness




Tensile property

15 Mpa



600 glossiness


SAE J400 gravel test

Not affected

Thermal aging test

Not affected

QUV accelerated aging test

Not affected

Boiling water soaking test

Not affected

Soapy water soaking test

Not affected

Acid solution soaking test

Not affected

Gasoline soaking test

Not affected

Diesel oil soaking test

Not affected

Engine oil soaking test

Not affected

Product Advantages:

1. Healing tiny rub:Healing rapidly when encountering with tiny rub or improper nursing

2. Covering micro-scratch:Covering the already existed micro-scratch on paint,and looking like the new

3. Promoting gloss:Selecting raw materials with high brightness and high definition,and promoting brightness and glossiness of paint

4. Isolating pollution:Not easy to adhere such dirt as acid rain,sand and guano,easy to be cleaned,not damaging the paint

5. Avoiding paint shedding:Protecting original car paint from being damaged and shedding after encountering with slight impact,and looking like new after tearing down the protection film

6. Avoiding color fading:Isolating ultraviolet ray in sunshine,and preventing paint from aging and color fading for long-term outdoor exposure

7. Value maintenance and worry-saving:Saving the expenses for several times of paint supplement and protection,preserving the original paint,and promoting the valuation at the time of resale.



Q:What is the material of the invisible car clothing?
A:The main material is TPU and PVC material,TPU material is soft,excellent tensile and toughness;PVC material is thicker than TPU,the filming process is not easy to pack with side-cover.

Q:What is the function of the transparent protective film?
A:There is a special polymer coating in the surface of the TPU material film,the transparent coating with scratch memory repair function,and can increase the paint brightness.To avoid high-speed stone from splashing the paint,and effectively isolated shellac,gum,acid rain to the paint corrosion.
Super toughness,can effectively resist the mild scratches,rub touch.

Q:How deep scratches can be automatically repaired?
A:The main purpose of transparent coating is to solve the car in the daily cleaning process occurs in the surface scratches and ordinary spiral pattern.If a scratch breaks the clear coat,it will not heal.(Only for the transparent film with TPU material)

Q:How many times can the transparent coating be repaired?
A:With this technology,as long as the coating is not damaged,there is no limit on the number of times.(Only for the transparent film with TPU material)

Q:How long does the clear coating last?
A:Depending on the maintenance of the film,the clear coat can last indefinitely.Regular cleaning and waxing will keep the transparent coating in sharp condition.

Q:How to avoid the transparent film from the corrosion of shellac,gum,acid rain on the paint?
A:The protective film of the paint has a strong stain resistance and chemical resistance,and its transparent coating has a very low surface adhesion,which makes a variety of stains can not be very well adhesion to the surface of the film,and can be easily to washed away.

Q:How to maintain the body after the transparent film attached to the paint?
A:Invisible film are very easy to care,our general maintenance instructions are as follows:
 Car can be washed after five days after the filming;
 You can use insect oil asphalt cleaning agent to remove the stains.
 If the stains is very stubborn,can use 99% isopropyl alcohol or diluting agent to remove stains,pay attention to avoid touching the car paint.
 Waxing frequently will keep the film surface in a long-term brightness.

Q:What is the scope of the warranty?
A:The warranty of the transparent film includes the following:Apart from the cracking,blistering,delamination,fade will be covered by warranty,scratches of human factors or collision and branch scratches are not covered by warranty.

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