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The Working Principle Of Wireless Charger
Feb 07, 2018

Physicists have long known that energy is effectively transmitted between objects of the same two resonant frequencies, and that interactions between different frequencies are weaker. Singers singing can be fitted with a different amount of water in the bottle of a shattered, without affecting the other bottles that is the truth. It's also like when we're on a swing, just sitting on top and letting the sagging legs swing in sync can give the swing momentum. Wireless charging technology is the use of this principle. Similarly, the wireless charging technology also uses the electromagnetic wave induction principle, and the related Exchange induction technology, the transmission and the receiving end uses the corresponding coil to send and receive the induction exchange signal to carry on the charge the technology.

The wireless charging system mainly uses the electromagnetic induction principle, through the coil carries on the energy coupling realizes the energy transmission.

After the Power management module output DC power through the 2M active Crystal inverter conversion into high-frequency alternating current supply of primary windings. Through the coupling energy of 2 inductance coils, the current of the secondary output is changed into DC electricity to charge the battery by accepting the conversion circuit.

The changing magnetic field will produce a changing electric field, changes in the electric field will produce a change in the magnetic field, its size is related to their rate of change, and the sine function of the change rate is another sine function, so the electromagnetic wave can be spread out, and the formation of induction voltage and magnetic flux changes, so the internal changes in the coil of the magnetic field generated To complete the charging process.

Mobile phone wireless Charging is a relatively novel way to charge, the principle is very simple, is the common transformer primary and secondary to achieve the purpose of wireless.

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