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Requirements To Be Met For Surface Protective Film
Feb 07, 2018

Although the surface protection film is only used to wrap the surface of the goods, but in the selection, to fully consider the various factors, to ensure that the use of protective film can really protect the film items, rather than become the killer of goods. We all know that the surface protection film is a kind of packaging film developed to protect the surface of the product.

Before the development and application of the surface protective film, the protection of the object surface relies on the above coating a waterproof, oil-proof solvent, this method is inefficient, and the protection function is not obvious, even the residue on the surface of the goods, seriously affecting the beauty of the goods. And the protective film will not leave any residue on the surface of the material or bring pollution traces, so that the surface clean goods as ever.

In the selection of protective film, should be fully considered whether the surface of the protective film has the following characteristics, whether to be protected with the items.

The Surface protective film shall be inert to the surface of the protected material and not react with the surface, not corrode or pollute the surface.

The Surface protection film has good adhesion property to the protected material, in the material handling and processing, the protective film will not rise and fall off, and now many protective membranes are mostly self-adhesive or electrostatic adsorption, so that it can be good to attach the surface of the goods.

The Surface protective film has good weather resistance and adhesion stability, after a few days or a long paste peel strength growth is not significant, easy to be removed, in the yer protected surface, no residual plastic retention.

The surface protection film can have good processing adaptability and satisfy the need of the deep processing of the protected material.

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