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How To Choose Car Charger
Feb 07, 2018

Smartphones increasingly become inseparable from the things, but the mobile phone battery has not been a big breakthrough, one day a charge or even a day two charge is normal. When driving outside, work, telephone, navigation must use the mobile phone, mobile phone power consumption is huge, must often charge, so in the car, to keep the phone for a long period of energy, car charger is the first choice.

Choose a good car charger to pay attention to the following points:

Purchase authentic licensed. Must buy the regular manufacturers have after-sale protection products, whether online purchase or offline purchase, you must not buy three products, otherwise not only the quality and after-sale is not guaranteed.

Understand the main parameters. In general, small power charger for high-power equipment charging, will cause a small power charger due to overheating and burned. For mobile phone with the car charger must understand the performance parameters.

Security. Must have over pressure, over-current, overheating and short-circuit protection, Shell also use fire-retardant environmental protection materials, both beautiful and safe.

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