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Advantages Of Automotive Film
Feb 07, 2018

Heat insulation and sunscreen. Film can be very good barrier infrared radiation generated by a lot of heat.

Ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet wave, long wave can penetrate very thick glass, put on the insulation film can cut off most of the ultraviolet. Prevent skin damage, but also reduce car interior aging.

Safety and explosion-proof. Membrane of the base layer for polyester film, has a very strong tear-proof function, coupled with the membrane of the film, film after the strength of the glass to prevent accidental breakage of the damage caused by the division.

Create a private space. Choose the right variety, foil, usually in the car outside the car, and in the car can be seen outside the car, keep privacy and security.

Reduce the consumption of air-conditioning. Put on the insulation film air-conditioning refrigeration capacity loss can be made up, can instantly reduce the car temperature, to a certain extent to save fuel consumption.

Add beauty. According to personal preferences, through the film can personalized beautiful car.

Glare protection. Reduce unexpected conditions caused by glare factors.

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