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The product characteristic of the invisible car clothing
Feb 07, 2018

1. Excellent ductility, strong tensile strength, and can show ideal travelling on any arc surface.

2. Anti-yellowing of 3 years or more, more than 5 years of anti-aging.

3. Crystal-like transparency, integrated with the original car, does not affect the color of the car paint, can enhance the car paint 5%-20% gloss.

4. Can resist oil, grease, weak base, gravel, acid rain, etc., damage to the paint surface.

5. Super soft and memory, can resist the general scratch, friction.

6. Good anti-ultraviolet radiation, to prevent damage to the car paint for a long time, to protect the gloss of the original car paint.

7. Good adhesive adhesion, not open edge, not cracked.

8. Good pressure-sensitive adhesive properties, to ensure that any time to remove the residual glue.

9. Comply with environmental requirements.

10. Can be in the construction of the time to ensure that the substrate will not be scratched, and can be stretched with the substrate.

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