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Selection of protective film
Feb 07, 2018

Different surfaces require different stickiness;

Similarly similar surfaces of different materials may also require different stickiness;

Subsequent machining steps are the key to determining stickiness. Subsequent processing generally have bending, stamping, cutting, drilling, thermoforming, etc.

The reasonable collocation of thickness and viscosity;

The tensile strength and elongation of the protective film to ensure the flexibility and strength of the protective film can meet the requirements;

The ultimate principle of protective film selection: Full Test.

Understanding the characteristics of pasted materials

Materials: such as steel, aluminum, plastic, glass and so on.

Surface properties: If there is coating, which coating, surface roughness, etc.

Follow-up processing technology: such as stamping, cutting, bending, punching and so on.

Other requirements: The use of environment, storage and transportation conditions, outdoor requirements, base material color, printing or not.

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