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How to use the car wireless charger
Feb 07, 2018

Car Mobile Phone Wireless charger is a car or home to achieve mobile phone wireless charging device, for all smart phones are practical, no matter what brand of mobile phones, as long as the smartphone can be wireless charging. Meet your mobile phone 24 hours online power adequacy, mobile phone navigation constant line.

Usage: First put the stent in order to install well, remember that each step should be manually operated, not using brute force, as long as the hand is tightened on it, after the installation of the hands around the next shaking a bit of the stent can be normal rotation, if you can not rotate Panasonic behind the fixed control screws And put the brackets in the front of the car. A convenient place for you to see your mobile phone or navigation, as long as it does not affect the driving can be, choose a good position, firmly press the position of the stent, then the stent will be tightly sucked in the car, and then you need to use a USB cable from the support of the USB connector to the car's USB Finally, the bracket component inside the phone affixed to the interface to the phone's charging interface, and then put the phone on the stent, adjust the position and easy to see the angle, you can recharge.

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